Q: Can you please tell me how quickly I have to use your bone broth once it has been opened?

A: We recommend you use or freeze any unused portion within seven days of opening the jar.


Q: Is your bone broth Halal?

A: Yes, the bones used in our beef bone broth are certified Halal.


Q: Are the bone broths which come in a jar concentrate. If so, how many teaspoons to a serve?

A: Although our bone broths are very gelatinous and can be spooned from the jar, they are not sold as a concentrate. They are traditionally prepared by hand, resulting in a homemade style of bone broth. The bone broth gel can be heated and served as it comes or diluted to taste.


Q: What is the shelf life on your bone broth?

A: Our bone broth is best used within six months of production. Once opened, we recommend it be consumed within a week.


Q: Can I freeze your bone broth?

A: We do not recommend freezing our bone broth in the glass jar as the liquid expands, which will result in the lid popping off or potentially shattering the glass jar. Please remove your bone broth from the jar before freezing.


Q: I am on a low FODMAP diet. Does your bone broth contain onion or garlic?

A: Our beef bone broth and Immune support chicken bone broth does not contain any onion or garlic.


Q: Do you steep the bag like a cup of tea or empty the contents of the bag?

A: Our instant sipping broth is brewed just like a cup of tea. Place the bag in a cup, add boiling water, then steep for five minutes, squeeze the bag and remove from the cup. Then sip, relax and enjoy.


Q: I have an allergy to mushrooms. Your ingredient list says dehydrated vegetables, so I just wanted to make sure there aren't any before I have one?

A: We can confirm that mushrooms are not contained as an individual or compound ingredient within any of the current four flavours of our instant broth bags.


Q: What is the shelf life on the stock once it has been opened?

A: The stock should be kept in the refrigerator once opened. They are preserved naturally and should last the shelf life duration if care has been taken to use a clean, dry spoon when removing contents from the jar.


Q: Do I need to keep the fermented chilli in the fridge?

A: No, we suggest that you don't keep this product in your refrigerator as the olive oil will congeal. We recommend storing it in a cool, dark place with sufficient olive oil to keep the chilli submerged.



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