Q: What sets your broth apart from other bone broths?

A: Our bone broth is truly one-of-a-kind, and here's why:

    • Generous Bone-to-Water Ratio: We're proud of our broths because we make them the old-fashioned way, with a super high bone-to-water ratio. That means you're getting almost double the protein compared to other broths out there. We don't mess around with diluting our broth—we're all about packing in as much nutrition as possible in every sip.

    • Unique Family Recipe: Our broth recipe? It's a family treasure. We've been enjoying it for generations, and it's what gives our broth that unique flavour and deep richness you won't find in any mass-produced stuff. It's like getting a taste of home in every bowl.

    • FODMAP Friendly Certification: Our broth is now officially certified FODMAP friendly. That means it's totally cool for folks on a low-FODMAP diet. So, if you've got specific dietary needs, you can slurp up our broth without a worry.

    • Your well-being comes first:  Quality is our mantra, and we go the extra mile to select premium bones and organic ingredients for a broth that supports your health journey.
    •  Q: Why did you transition from glass jars to pouches?

A: We made the switch to pouches for a few reasons. First off, as a small business, we found it tough to keep up with demand while still making our bone broth by hand. Pouches help us produce more efficiently and keep the quality consistent.

Plus, pouches are better at keeping our broth fresh and safe to eat. They're less likely to get contaminated or spoil, which means our broth stays tasty from the moment it's made to the moment you eat it.

And hey, it's not just about our broth—it's about the planet too. Our traditional refrigerated packaging uses a lot of energy and resources, but our new pouches are much more eco-friendly.

At The Broth Sisters, we're all about giving you the best broth experience possible. Switching to pouches lets us do just that while also being kinder to the environment.


Q: Is your pouch packaging free of BPA?

A: You bet! We put a lot of effort into finding the perfect packaging for our broth. We made sure to choose materials that are safe and reliable. Our packaging is USDA approved and goes through a strict process to make sure it's food-safe from start to finish. So you can enjoy our broth without worrying about any unwanted chemicals!


Q: Are your broth pouches recyclable?

A: Ah, great question! Right now, we're really focused on finding the best recyclable packaging for our broth. We're testing out different options to make sure they're not just eco-friendly but also safe for food. We're hoping to roll out a more sustainable choice real soon!



Q: How should I store my broth to keep it fresh?

A: Store your unopened broth in a cool, dry place, and keep it out of direct sunlight. And when it comes to leftovers, seal them up in a clean container and refrigerate—they'll last for up to five days!


Q: Is your bone broth Halal?

A: Yes, indeed! All the beef and chicken bones we use in our broths are certified Halal.


Q: Does your bone broth contain any preservatives or MSG?

A: Nope, not at all! Our bone broth is an all natural bone broth, with no added fake stuff like preservatives or MSG.


Q: Does your new broth in pouches contain the same amount of collagen and gelatin as the refrigerated broth? Shouldn't it still gel?

A: Absolutely! Our pantry-ready bone broth contains the identical amount of collagen and gelatin as our refrigerated version. However, you may notice that the gelatin is not as visible in the new packaging. This is due to differences in the packaging process. During the pouch packaging process, the broth undergoes heat treatment to ensure shelf stability and safety. This process can affect the appearance of the gelatin, causing it to dissolve or become less visible compared to over previous packaging method.


Q: Can I expect this bone broth to have a similar flavour profile to the previous refrigerated one?

Staying true to our commitment to quality, we've stuck with our trusted recipes and continued to prepare our bone broth the traditional way from scratch. Just a heads-up though, you may notice some subtle taste differences due to adjustments in the packaging process.



Q: Do you steep the bag like a cup of tea or empty the contents of the bag?

A: Our instant sipping broth is brewed just like a cup of tea. Place the bag in a cup, add boiling water, then steep for five minutes, squeeze the bag and remove from the cup. Then sip, relax and enjoy.


Q: I have an allergy to mushrooms. Your ingredient list says dehydrated vegetables, so I just wanted to make sure there aren't any before I have one?

A: We can confirm that mushrooms are not contained as an individual or compound ingredient within any of the current four flavours of our instant broth bags.


Q: What is the shelf life on the stock once it has been opened?

A: The stock should be kept in the refrigerator once opened. They are preserved naturally and should last the shelf life duration if care has been taken to use a clean, dry spoon when removing contents from the jar.


Q: Do I need to keep the fermented chilli in the fridge?

A: No, we suggest that you don't keep this product in your refrigerator as the olive oil will congeal. We recommend storing it in a cool, dark place with sufficient olive oil to keep the chilli submerged.



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