Bone broth is a mineral rich infusion made by slow cooking the bones of healthy pasture raised animals. It has deeply nourishing and many healing properties that are missing from modern diets. First up the bones contain proteins. In fact they contain close to 50% protein by volume and that number goes up once you factor in all the connective tissue that is attached to them. 

Collagen, the protein matrix in bones, tendons, ligaments, and other flexible tissues is broken down during the cooking process into another protein called gelatin which contains very important “non-essential” amino acids, especially proline and glycine. These proteins provide a variety of crucial functions.


Joint Health

The proteins in bone broth give your body the raw materials to rebuild your own connective tissue, especially tendons (which connect muscles to bones) and ligaments (which connect bones to each other). This connective tissue is important for overall health and strength.

Gut Health And Digestion

One of the most talked about benefits of bone broth is its purported ability to improve gut health and digestion. Culprits such as gluten, dairy, sugar and products that kill gut flora such as antibiotics poke holes in the gut or small intestine where most vitamins and minerals are absorbed from the food we eat.

Infection Fighting And Recuperation From Illness

I’m sure you have heard of the healing benefits of chicken soup or what is commonly known as Jewish penicillin, a traditional remedy for colds and flu. The gelatin in bone broth is known to be immune boosting and the amino acid cysteine helps to thin mucus in the lungs and make it less sticky to expel.

Natures Beauty Food

On a more superficial level the collagen and gelatin improves the appearance of skin and hair. The gelatin in the broth helps build connective tissue, which makes skin smoother (less cellulite, fewer wrinkles) and healthier. It also assists in keeping nails strong.


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