‘Hell’ oh or should that be ‘Heaven’ oh? I have never understood why we greet people with ‘Hell’ rather than ‘Heaven’, but that’s something a little quirky about me. 

This is Linda (the Melbourne sister), and I want to officially welcome you to The Broth Sisters community. We are super stoked to have you here! 

Since we’re just getting to know each other, I thought I’d share a quick story about how Jane and my journey to bring you the the most delicious and nutritious bone broth in the Australia began….a broth you’ll actually want to sip. 

No surprises that we both love cooking broth with a common purpose to stay healthy and to keep alive a family tradition. 
Growing up on a farm in northern NSW a ‘farm to table’ approach was what we knew best. The food we ate was the food our papa planted, nurtured and harvested. We enjoyed a plentiful supply of fresh fruit and veggies including bitter greens, spinach, tomatoes, fresh herbs, figs mangoes, macadamia and pecan nuts, to name but a few. We ate eggs collected from our chooks that roamed around the garden, meat from animals that grazed on lush pastures and enjoyed milk from our own cow and a pet goat, when she wasn’t tearing down the washing from the clothes line. It was an ideal childhood centred around family, friends and simple pleasures. 

At the end of our schooling we both left home to pursue our dreams. With sights set on meeting new people and seeing the world, I settled in Dubai where I enjoyed living and travelling for the next 11 years, working for an international airline as well as flying privately for the Royal Family. It was a life far removed from the little country town where I grew up, however I never lost sight of the healthy lifestyle we had enjoyed as a children, always seeking out the best food whenever I could and looking for ways to counter the effects of many hours spent partying, flying and working across different time zones. With this in mind, I commenced studying a nutrition course at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York completing the course in 2011. Thereafter, I started practising as a health and nutrition coach both here and overseas, spreading my knowledge of everything I had learnt, including the health benefits of bone broth, with both clients and friends and preparing broth for them using the recipe our papa used. In 2014, I returned to Australia, settling in Melbourne and became a mum to both a gorgeous little boy and girl. Throughout my pregnancy I developed a passion for pre and post natal nutrition as well as an avid interest in nourishing foods to feed my babies. It was this that allowed me to connect the dots and understand how brilliant papa’s recipes were.


Janes story was quite different. Jane moved to Sydney, first completing a university degree before working as a business analyst and marketing executive, later going on to become a mum to two beautiful children. As a stay at home mum, Jane nurtured her family lovingly with good food and time. Jane enjoyed cooking wholesome food and if anyone ever became sick she always cooked up a pot of dads trusted broth, a ‘medicinal soup’ that was shared with her family and friends until they became well again. Jane proposed we use our secret family recipes and create a delicious bone broth packed with love, not only for their families, but for everyone to enjoy. 

Together we embarked upon a journey to share papa’s broth and establish a business to provide our premium artisan made broth to health clients and our local communities. Our business has grown organically and I now supply our beautiful broth, made locally in Port Melbourne from the finest quality, locally sourced ingredients at many farmers’ markets and fine food stores in Melbourne and it’s greater regions. The word is quickly spreading that it is the best tasting and highest quality, real bone broth available for sale.

Since then we have expanded our range to include natural plant-based vegetable stocks and plant-based savoury sipping broths in a teabag which can be delivered nationally, straight to your front door. 

Meanwhile, back in Sydney, Jane continues to make broth to order for a loyal group of broth devotees referred from both local health professionals, wellness centres and friends, whilst completing a Health Science degree and tending to the administrative and marketing side of our rapidly expanding business.

So, thank you again for being here! I have a feeling you’re going to love being part of the family.