The Broth Sisters’ story starts on a small farm in northern NSW. Here the ‘broth sisters’, Linda and Jane, grew up with an amazing ‘farm to table’ life. On their family property they had fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs, milk and meat. Chickens roamed free among rows of veggies and fruit trees. Animals grazed on lush pastures and a pet goat battled with the clothesline. 

But really, the story started long before, when Linda and Jane’s father arrived in Australia as an Italian immigrant. He brought with him a love for the land and good food. When he had his own family, he loved making meals from the fresh, homegrown ingredients outside their back door. And whenever someone was unwell or needed a little extra TLC, he knew just what they needed – a big bowl of delicious bone broth. 

Nutrient-dense and made with love, this delicious, nurturing medicinal soup was an important part of Linda and Jane’s childhood. And as they grew up and left home, neither sister forgot its importance. They realised they had something important to share with the world. And while each sister is now doing it in her own unique way, for Linda, Broth Sisters was the answer.

What We Do Today 

Today, Linda and her partner Nic are the heart and soul of Broth Sisters. They’re intimately involved in every element of the process, from managing customer service right through to production and cooking. In fact, if you see The Broth Sisters at a farmer’s market, you’ll probably find Nic or Linda behind the counter!At The Broth Sisters, we make small batches of our bone broth fresh every week, using the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients and Linda’s treasured family recipe. Naturally, it’s incredibly nutrient dense and has an extremely high gelatin content. But the best bit? It’s real bone broth that tastes absolutely amazing.

Where We Are Going

The Broth Sisters’ core bone broth product range has recently expanded to include vegetable stocks and plant-based, brewable tea bags. The ‘broth bags’ are unique and are Australia’s first vegan broth in a tea bag. They are designed to be sipped in place of tea or coffee and can even be brewed to use in cooking. Even more exciting, the Broth Sisters brand is now going national. Evolving from our Melbourne roots to nationwide distribution means that even more Australians can now enjoy the benefits of the best-tasting and good-for-you bone broth in the country, delivered right to their door.   


Linda's Story

After graduating Linda moved overseas and worked for Emirates in Dubai for over ten years. It was here that she met her partner Nic. Together, the pair worked, travelled and embraced the fast-paced lifestyle. 

Of course, Linda’s father’s core belief that food was medicine always stayed with her. Eventually, she decided to leave the travel industry and study at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. After graduation, Linda practised as a health and nutrition coach internationally, where she shared her knowledge about bone broth for bone health and repair, gut health and digestion. 
In 2014, the couple returned to Australia and settled in Melbourne. Linda’s passion for good food grew as she started her own family and saw firsthand how important good nutrition was during the pre- and post-natal periods, and for her own son and daughter’s health. 

A chat (well, many chats!) with her sister Jane saw the pair discuss the idea of bringing their papa’s broth to life and sharing it with Linda’s local Melbourne community. With the encouragement of her sister, Linda made her first batch of bone broth and sold it from her kitchen counter.The name Broth Sisters is a nostalgic nod to their childhood and shared passion for nutrition. While they now pursue their own unique dreams, the brand will always represent their shared history and very special childhood. 
Linda is currently chief artisan, recipe developer and day-to-day operations manager for Broth Sisters. She still attends farmers’ markets and loves to hear grassroots feedback on her broth!

Nic's Story

Nic joined the Broth Sisters after the family welcomed their second baby. It was perfect timing – what was once Linda’s passion project had evolved into a thriving business operation, and Nic's help was needed. His vision helped the Broth Sisters brand grow organically from a local market fave to a national success. 

Nic may not be an original Broth Sister, but he may as well be! He shares Linda’s passion for the benefits of good nutrition and his drive, determination and hands-on approach have been integral to the business’s growth. 

Like Linda, Nic does anything and everything within the business. While his focus is often on production, delivery and logistics, he still regularly attend farmers’ markets around Melbourne with Linda. (If you see him, say hi!)  
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