Spring Newsletter

The fragrance of freesias remind us that Spring is around the corner and who doesn't love Spring.

The windows fly open to welcome the fresh air and the bees collect pollen in the garden.

Many of us decide it's time to freshen up the house or to call in the professionals to do a 'spring clean'.

The day's become longer and warmer, the flowers start to flourish, the bright orange of Clivea brighten our day, the sweet perfume of jasmine is a delight to our senses. It's a time to be outdoors and nature beckons with comfortable bush walks or weekend picnics in the garden.

Some of us start to focus inward and seek out ways to feel uplifted and in greater spirits as the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) of winter starts to fade. We want to be the best version of ourselves we can become and this starts with taking care of ourselves, enjoying plenty of rest and relaxation and putting the spotlight on our health and wellbeing. Of course this begins from within and just as we find time to 'Spring clean' the house, it's also a great time to start with a clean slate and to 'Spring Clean' our mind and our bodies. A healthy gut is a great place to start as this is the cornerstone of a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Here at the broth sisters we have, as we often do, decided to embark on a 'Spring Cleanse' of sorts, to clean the slate and begin anew.....a fresh start for both our mind and our body, and an elimination of toxins. If like us you are seeking a fresh start to invigorate your mind and your body and to allow you to jump into Spring then we would like to invite you to join us in undertaking a Spring cleanse and coming along for the ride to better health and greater clarity of mind.

It doesn't have to be complicated, your 'Spring Cleanse' or 'Body Reset' as we like to call it can be as simple or elaborate as you like. We all know what a great gut healing and nourishing food bone broth can be (our ancestors have been telling us that since the dawn of time), so even something as simple as substituting one meal a day with a cup of broth can be very beneficial. Alternatively, you might prefer to do a 'one day mini-reset' consuming nothing else except nourishing bone broth for a day, or if you feel comfortable you may like to extend the reset out to three days. One thing for certain is that whatever length of time you choose to do a reset for you will not go hungry. Broth is renowned for being such a nutrient dense food that is great for satiety and fills you up just like when you have eaten a meal.

Mini-resets can be a great way to introduce bone broth in to your diet and to slowly release the toxins that we have all built up from the over indulgence we have enjoyed during winter. Of course over indulgence is nothing to be ashamed of, we all do it at times and winter is a great time for enjoying both healthy and not so healthy comfort food.

If you prefer, your body reset doesn't have to stop at one day or three days, some of us find we prefer to commit ourselves to a longer 'reset' period extending over a few weeks, incorporating two broth fasting days a week alternating with the non-fasting days where you will eat an amazing variety of fresh food consisting of a small serving of a quality protein of your choice coupled with lots of fresh seasonal vegetables. It is also recommended that during the reset period that you cut back on or eliminate sugary foods that drive your insulin levels sky high as well as processed foods. Of course we would be happy to guide you with a list of nutrient dense foods brimming with antioxidants and other detoxifying nutrients that will energise you and have you feeling great in no time and bounding into Spring.

To encourage you to join us on our Spring Cleanse, and to get you started on your quest for vibrancy and greater health and wellbeing moving forward, we will be offering some great savings on our delicious and nutritious bone broth during the month of September. Hit us up at the markets or email us at bonebroth@thebrothsisters.com.au for more information on the broth reset specials we have to offer you.

We hope to see you on board.

Yours, in good health and happiness,

Linda and Jane